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Boerboels are large dogs, originating from South Africa. They have been bred specifically as a farm watchdog who has a superbly even temperament, they make wonderful companions. They are obedient, intelligent, self-assured and have an extremely strong watchdog instinct. Perhaps surprisingly, this does not make the dog a vicious unsociable animal, because the Boerboel was (and still is) in constant proximity to the farmers and their children, a badly behaved or aggressive dog was unacceptable and would, perhaps rather harshly, have been put down. This very selective and practical breeding ethic has created a loving pet with an even temperament that is happiest in a family environment.

In general for a large mastiff type breed the Boerboel seems to be a lot less prone to major health problems. However you should be aware that like many other breeds, the Boerboel can suffer from Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, most skeleton abnormalities (as they are a large breed), Torn Ligaments, Wobblers, Puppy Strangles, Epilepsy, vaginal hyperplasia, and Entropion .Therefore you should check these have been tested for by the breeder, if there is a test available, you should also request to see the paperwork too!Big Dogs Play

Boerboels are independent thinking dogs who can make decisions quickly. When they reach adulthood, they therefore can be steadfast & stubborn, and although generally obedient, if they feel a situation requires their attention they have the confidence to try to take charge.

In a working situation several adult males can co-exist together happily, however when living in a family environment in the UK, just one male adult is advisory. In the home they will look after your territory, and your family with utter devotion, so its important to socialise them correctly from an early age and continue this practice throughout their lives.

Mid Flight!Their athletic ability surprises many newcomers to the breed. Being a big dog, they can be quite deceiving. While they usually sit quietly and lazily at your feet, they are quiet capable of taking the chance to tear across open spaces at a sprint, playing with other dogs, dodging, weaving and jumping about, usually but not always, avoiding those strange two legged animals!
(Watch out, we've been knocked over by accident more than once before now)

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