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The Boerboel is not registered with the UK Kennel Club, therefore you cannot get KC papers for your dog.
The SABT was the first organised registry, there are also two others which bridge many gaps left by the first, these are EBBASA and BOERBOEL INTERNATIONAL
Currently all Boerboels in the UK & Ireland are registered with one of them, unfortunatley due to human politics you may find that a dog registered & appraised in one, is not recognised by another, which makes life a bit difficult! Causing some breeders to have multiple registrations, as you're never quite sure what will happen in the future!


Registration Certificate
Every Boerboel is supplied with an initial registration or birth certificate stating its pedigree. However, in order for to be fully registered, the dog must be appraised by an official judge. This ensures only high quality Boerboels are used to continue the linage as you cannot breed from a Boerboel unless it has scored sufficentley in its appraisal.

Please note that dogs must be at least 9 months old before being evaluated, therefore if someone tells you that they have a Boerboel puppy for sale that has been scored - this is NOT an officially recognised grading and you should be very suspicious about the pup and breeder. See below for more information about the appraisal system.

For full details about the most, progressive & complete appraisal system available today - Click Here





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