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If you are thinking of importing a Boerboel from another country, there are certain things to be aware of. You could import directly from South Africa, however the dog would have to be isolated in quarantine for six months. Not very nice for the dog, especially for a puppy this can result in at worse a dead dog, or a severly unsocialise animal. Plus of course you will incur fees for the kenneling.

If you're set on importing please look at 'alternative Quarrantine Kennels' for your dog.

 Boerboel TravelThere are however a number of countries that are included in the new Pet Passport scheme. Using this method you can avoid the quarantine period.

Remember that these are large powerful pack animals and we would strongly recommend obtaining one from a pup, so you may train & socialise it correctly. A puppy that goes through quarantine misses vital socialisation at a crucial developmental stage.



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