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Jaks AKA ImmerMoed Zion CrownPrince

I liked Jaks temperament the first time I met him as an adolescent, and I was happy to see it matured nicely he's an impressive, boy who could easily be imposing and dominant with his muscular build, but has turned into a happy laid back chap, with a strong protective streak. He also has a lot of bounce in his step for such a big boy.

Health: His hips and elbows are tested and they are 0,0
combined with his temperament and conformation score his is on the BI Excellence register.

For more detailed information about Jaks, please contact Karen from Zion Boerboels.

We're hoping that this special combination of Maddy & Jaks; two boerboels both on the excellence register, both with 0,0 hips and elbows, both with wonderful temperaments will result in some excellent puppies.

Jaks Jaks

Jaks Jaks
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