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JaksMaddy Has the Best Temperament I have seen on any Boerboel, she received 94% for her temperament test with a personal not from the expert, to "please breed" She's a lot like her mother (Milly) affectionate, well behaved, and definitely my other half!

She has had her hips and elbows examined by veterinarians and there are no problems, and she has been through the BVA hip screening program and scored a 0,0 which is the best score you can get, also the same for her elbows, super results :-)

Her conformation appraisal is less impressive at 75% however combined with her health & temperament results, she has been accepted onto the BI Excellence register.

Maddy is content to sit quietly, all day at your feet (or on the sofa), she LOVES to go out for walks and drives, and enjoys to play with other dogs when they visit, her best playmate is a whippet, hilarious to watch them play!Her Spot

She almost as fast at a whippet! Her leaner than average build means she's a fast runner, and doesn't tire easily
, although she's known for being a fairly lazy dog.

She's got a quiet gentle nature and people can rarely believe it when they meet her, inevitably they fall in love with her and want to take her home. We look forward to her children joining our family, we expect exceptional dogs from her in the future......


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3 generation pedigree:
Accolade Maddy Pedigree

Enjoying the walk

Jaksunder the covers!








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