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Accolade Saint
Jonathan & Nicola, share their experience of meeting their first Boerboels:

Pictured @ 7 weeks old

D.O.B. 27/10/2004
Gender: Male

We were really impressed with Maya and Milly, they are such funny dogs- real characters. Absolutely stunning dogs.
The pups were amazing also, I thought we would have a problem trying to prise them from Nic- I think she would have cuddled them for days on end if we let her. There wasn't a single pup that did not look fantastic and in good health.
I cant wait to see them again in a couple of weeks. Nic and I have been boring everyone since Saturday about how fantastic we thought your dogs were - I would keep an eye on Nic next time we are up, I think she's trying to hatch a plan to kidnap Maya- she adored her.
I think we will have to bring a bigger chew for Maya and Milly next time, they practically laughed at the small chews we brought- got through them in moments ha ha ha.

I had such great fun playing ball etc, Milly was really funny - she's so playful. (see the photos here)

UPDATE Jan 05: Saint has had his final injections and loves the outside world. I am thrilled as up until now I have had to carry him when taking him out socialising and he's a heavy pup. There is a dog park just 100yards from my house and he absolutely loves it. He has been an absolute angel on the lead/off the lead and instinctively heels beautifully, which makes life easy.

Everybody loves big friendly pups, so he has had no problems socialising and is mixing with every type of person I can find (favourite being kids). Luckily the local dogs are well behaved and friendly on the whole, so he is having a great time.

He's still growing at the same consistent rate and last night weighed 45.8lbs (11 weeks) - he's looking great - lean and powerful.

3 generation pedigree:

My Mum Maya
My Dad Merlin

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