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Merlin Marvell Merlin, stayed with us for some time, so we've had a good chance to evaluate him. He is a temperamentally sound dog, with a calm nature most of the time, unless he's in full PLAY MODE! When it's hard to believe such a large dog moves so sprightly.

Structurally he is muscular and athletic dog who's hips were pre-screened when he was ten months of age.

Merlin Originted from Marvell Boerboels in South Africa

MerlinAt less than twelve months of age Merlin scored 83% at the Inaugural SABT appraisal in Ireland 2003.

We're hoping that the combination of him with Maya will result in some wonderful puppies.

You can see more pictures of him here, in some of the photo albums, and for your convenience, there are a few below that we took when was he was younger.





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