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Pictured @ 8 weeks old

D.O.B. 06/05/2005
Gender: Male


It sounds like everyone is having a fantastic time nurturing their buddles of joy, Kenko is certainly giving us the same enjoyment here.

He goes for a walk at 6 am every morning just to get him into a routine before work. He really is brilliant off the lead as well as on, don't tend to use it much now apart from main roads, he tends to walk beside you or just behind, but has this funny habbit of walking inbetween your legs whilst looking up at you, think i might enter him into crufts for a bit of fun, mind you i better hurry up don't think he will fit inbetween the legs for long!! He is great with other dogs and loves to swim in the local lakes. He understands sit, wait, be clean and no, which helps.
Kenko had his first experience of sea and sand yesterday, we went down to camber sands and had a great time, mind you i don't think his too keen on drinking sea water, looked at me with disgust when he decided to drink some! we had a short swim in the sea and he loves the sand.

He has taken to travelling in the car really well, mind you it took a week of taking him out every morning, but his more than content now and really looks forward to road trips.

He weighed in at 20kg at 14 weeks which is the same as Hugo at that age so we think we must be doing something right, he loves his food and goes absolutely mad for a pigs ear! He is teething at the moment and has lost his two bottom teeth and one at the top, cant wait until all those little razors have gone!!

We get stopped all the time with; what breed is he then a look of confusion on there faces when they say what a Boer what! Lots of admiring glances and what a beautiful face he has.

thought we would show some pictures of Kenko with the family, hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

3 generation pedigree:

My Mum Milly
My Dad Loebas

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