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Pictured @ 8 weeks old

D.O.B. 06/05/2005
Gender: Male

Leo leaving for his new home;

Leo in his new home:

The day Maria and I brought Leo home, we could tell he was a very intelligent and extremely
obedient dog. At 8 weeks old he new the sit command and was giving me his paw when asked for
and also he finished his potty training at 10 weeks old.

I got him used to the lead as soon as possible, not that he needed to be on the lead, ha ha! Leo
has never leaves our side.

He went through a faze of biting us when playing together in the garden but I soon solved how to
stop him by closing him in his cage every time he tried.

Leo loves playing with other dogs which is fantastic. He is a very sociable and lovable dog as he
especially loves to play with children. Sometimes he can be standoffish with strangers because of
his protective instincts are building up slowly.  Sat in front of my feet he can growl like the sound of 

At 4 months and 3 weeks old now he is very bold, alert, truly loyal, more obedient then I could ever
have wished for and a very devoted companion. Every time we go to the park, without fail someone
will come over and ask what kind of breed Leo is and how gorgeous he looks :-). I'm so proud to
have him as my dog.  I always thank Lynne and Gareth for the unique dog they have given Maria
and I.



3 generation pedigree:

My Mum Milly
My Dad Loebas

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