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Pictured @ 8 weeks old

D.O.B. 06/05/2005
Gender: Female

Below, Meeka in her new home with Max.

We have been going to puppy classes (which she loves) and the trainer is brilliant and gives us exercises to do at home.  Several hot dog sausages later, Meeka is learning sit, down, stand, stay, settle with voice and hand signals and I must say that Boerboels seem to be particularly bright and quick to pick things up!! 
Like Sandra we have also been grooming her daily and checking ears, teeth, toes,
tail etc.  As you will see from the pics. Meeka is thriving but she did have a bit of a funny tummy a
couple of weeks ago but after a trip to the vets and like Rufus, Meeka had some pro-biotic paste to
settle the gut and to replace the flora, she picked up really quickly and is back on track - she now
weighs 18kg, which seems to be the correct rate expected so phew!!! 
We've been going to the local country park where the socialising has been going very well, just by
sitting on a bench you can meet upwards of a dozen dogs or so.  It's been good because dogs
approach you differently, some running and some do this stalking walk and others just walking and
Meeka loves the car and travels very well, especially if it is to the local pet shop which
she has sniff overload when walking past the treats!!! 
We're always asked what breed she is and the reply is becoming a standard off pat answer now.  Saying that, on our first puppy class, one of the other owners said "Is she a Boerboel?", which has been our one and only experience of someone else knowing what Meeka is (she did go on to explain that she was half South African and the Boerboel was on their short list but they went for a Staffie because of its size).
Hope all the other puppies are getting on OK and giving as much pleasure as our dogs are giving to

Having Meeka has given Max a new lease and he loves her to bits and wants to play with her all day.  We're off to Longleat tomorrow with the dogs and the boys, so that should be fun, yet another experience for Meeka. 
Since picking her up each of our four boys has had a birthday so loads of people have come to visit. 

At puppy class we all had to wear different disguises from a dressing up box - don't know about the dogs backing off, I think I would if I saw some of the outfits!!  It was a real hoot!!

Meeka is still a fantastic dog who has a lovely laid back attitude (until she wants to play!)  She loves her cuddles but also loves her rough play with Max (our dobie). 
Weight has been gained steadily and she's now around 30kg (feels like more when we lift her in and
out of the boot!!)


3 generation pedigree:

My Mum Milly
My Dad Loebas

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