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How do you say Boerboel?
Written phonetically : - 'boorra bol'.
It's a very full bodied sound with rolling R's spoken quite quickly.

Do they Drool?
Usually not, except when they're excited or hungry! And if they pick up a scent.

How much exercise do they need?
That depends on how active you want them to be. Most Boerboels can be ‘on the go’ all day if it's required, however they will happily spend the whole day lounging in the sun (or shade most of the time in the UK!). Look out for "mad half hours" mid evening if exercise has been lacking during the day. Most importantly if your dog is used to low levels of exercise don’t expect them to be able to go on a 10 mile run without gradually building up to it – basically be sensible.

How big are they?
Bigger than your average dog!
In terms of comparison; not as tall as a Great Dane, not as heavy as a St Bernard, but generally bigger than a Rottweiler or Doberman.
Weights appear to be between 50 & 80 kg when full grown and heights at the shoulder between 60 – 70cm (26 & 30 inches).

Do they get on with other dogs?
Do people get on with all other people? Socialising puppies as young as possible is highly recommended - they get to interact with other different sized dogs and hopefully learn good manners.
It seems the breed has a soft spot for little dogs! Unfortunately medium sized dogs (labs,weimaraners, etc) appear to have a "big man little man" complex when faced with Boerboels, facing them off and sometimes trying to prove themselves with teeth.
Intact adult Males appear not keen on having other unfamiliar intact adult males around, but isn't that the same for any species including homo-sapiens?

Do they get on well with other animals?
In short yes, just have a search on the Internet for photos showing inter-species relationships; it is a case of training and socialisation.

Do Boerboels swim?
Some do, some don't, and the majority seem to be content with a shallow paddle!
Be aware some actually sink, due to the denseness of muscles they cannot keep themselves afloat>

Are Boerboels aggressive?
Any dog can be aggressive if you let them be. Training helps channel what appears to be the breed’s strongest character trait to protect the family.

Are all Boerboels created equal?
We're talking temperament here. The answer is, I'm afraid not. In the question in nature verses nurture, while correct socialisation is vital, a large part of the Boerboels character is inherited through its parents and unfortunately a good looking dog that can obtain a high score in it's judging, may actually be an unsuitable pet, you need to do your reasearch.

How long do they live?
Average lifespan is ten years.

Are they KC recognised?

What was the Boerboel used for historically?
They were a 'corale dog', simply a utility dog that had many different tasks to perform. You may be told that they were used to hunt lions, well … yes their distant ancestors were used to hunt wild game, but that was before the South African farmers started the selective breeding process, which changed the Boer Hund into the Boerboel, that is when they became a farm watchdog.

Do they roam?
Females don’t appear to and males aren’t usually inclined, although be aware of any obvious reason for them to do so. They're very teritorial.

Are they affectionate?
Yes, most definitely! Some may say they're the biggest lap-dogs in the world! They really do seem to thrive on human affection and being part of the family. We would not recommend this dog for duties such as solitary guarding etc..

Are they easily trained?
For the majority of tasks, yes they’re pretty intelligent, although be aware of what your asking of them, they are dogs afterall.

Do they dominate?
Possibly, depending on the temperament of the individual dog.

Are they for everyone?
Definately not, a strong owner is required.

Are they expensive to own?
over the average lifespan of your dog a Boerboels will probably cost you somewhere in the region of 14-21K depending on your tastes, which averages about £1750.00 per year. (More expensive than a cat, but less than kids!)






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