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Boerboel Links Description

Celtic Connection Boerboels

Celtic Connection Boerboels Good Breeder Based in Wales.
Sadly Anthea Jones, passed away in November 2008. She was a founder member of the UK Boerboel Club, Owner of the Celtic Connection Stud Name.
She will be sorely missed.


Ravenswood Boerboels Liz & Louis Van Rensburg
Trustworthy Breeders based in Wantage OX.
Top Guard Boerboels Mark Beasley, the diamond in the rough!
Has a lot of nice dogs, from different stock, one to watch for the future....
UKUSA Boerboele Gary & Andrea Gates Essex - Well known for their Bull Terriers, lets see what they bring to the Boerboele
Siglensal Boerboels Sonia Morgan, Knowledgable Dog Breeder, well worth a chat to based in Belgium but British so speaks good English.

Marvell Boerboels

Vincent Marvell, If he's in Europe for any reason, find out why and go see him and take your dog with you!
Based in South Africa
Mouzer Boerboels South African Boerboel Breeder
Ysterberg & Mouser Boerboels, some of the oldest dogs which started the breed. Must see their videos!
Ataraxia Boerboels Craig and Deborah Bloom, although we've never met, I feel I know them a little through the tall tales and hunting videos - Craig's a nutter! Australian Boerboels

Boerboel International

The future's bright, the future's Boerboel International.


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Silver Squidge Have your dog's pawprint, or breed design on silver jewellery
Interested in getting a dog? "You've come to the perfect starting point to find the perfect family dog. Read, research and most of all, don't get in a hurry. "


Amichien Dog Listeners

Listen & learn about your dog in your own home.
Calming Signals Community The official website of Turid Rugaas, author of the bestselling book "On Talking Terms With Dogs"
Courteous Canines Dog Info Site (USA)
Rare Breeds Web resource dedicated to rare dog breeds.
Puppy Finder Not sure what breed's for you?
Vets on the web Online portal for pet care & other related stuff...
Woofs & Hoofs Canine Massage Therapist
Maarten Kappen Vet Dutch site - veterniary orthopeadic specailsit with probably the most Boerboel expereince in Europe.
BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN (PETITS) Tangaer is a small established kennel, breeding for type, temperament and sound construction
Canine Concepts is packed full of articles about dog training and how to solve common behaviour problems. Their shop has alot of very innovative and unique products from training equipment to designer collars and leads.
Keep us at the top

Best Breeders TOP 100 UK Pet Advertising and Classifieds website
Animal Medicines Animal Medicines is a licenced pharmacy supplying only genuine UK sourced medicines.
HELIOS - Homoeopathy Homeopathy for Pet Care
Dog Crates Dog cages at wholesale prices within the UK
Original Animal Artwork
Non dog related Links Description
The Green Org An independent environment group dedicated to promoting the positive side of environmental endeavour. The essential guide to how the world can be a better place for everyone Friendly computer help In South wales Greenline organic food & drink, good stuff, nowhere near next day delivery!


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